The slogan “5-a-day” was introduced as an expression for what the Worlds Health Organization, WHO meant should be done in order to strengthen the health condition level worldwide and which later has been underlined through UN and WHO’s appeals in the preventive health services.

This statement increased the interest for the research in this area and it is now a common agreement that the 5 fruits or vegetables in fresh condition not are enough to cover the daily need. This is where Avant-Garden enters the stage as an interesting food supplement, which in its concentrated form further strengthens the protection of your health.

We have chosen the name “Avant-Garden” which in French means “a military front platoon”, a vanguard.

The French writer Alexandre Dumas’s (the older) writing of “The Three Musketeers” is a perfect expression for this. To popularize Avant-Garden we say : “Eat 5-a-day + 5 Avant-Garden and you have a sovereign protection !”

Our customers have been creative to adapt their usage of Avant-Garden to their individual needs by adding a few tablets if something “has occurred” and by this they have got an increased nutritional density and a strengthened immune defence system.
Avant-Garden is one of the strongest and most versatile antioxidants that exist and as it says by their name; antioxidants prevents harmful oxidation of the organism. This gives a surplus of oxygen in the blood, which your body need for the most effective transformation from energy to muscle activity without the production of lactic acid. This is a very oxygen-demanding process and if one has too little oxygen in the blood, the production of lactic acid results in weariness and stiffness. This type of stiffness one can find examples of in demanding athletics in the summer and in the winters while you would experience the opposite if you use Avant-Garden.