In order to benefit 100% from Avant-Garden you have to use it daily. Only then, you will achieve a balanced diet whether you use a sensible amount of fruit and vegetables or not.
You get a balanced daily diet by using Avant-Garden in addition to your regular diet. Then you get a surplus which increases your immune systems defence and which you may strengthen if you feel necessary.

It is a scientifically fact that people are exposed to fungi, bacteria and viruses everywhere they go and for all four seasons. These vary from sunbathing in the summer and the autumn and the winter with its well-known problems like colds and then the spring with its great temperature variations. Today’s way of travelling with effective communications worldwide makes the infections move more rapidly from continent to continent making the risk of contamination big. This increases the need for a top protection for everyone so that their health always has the best possibilities.

The best protection you can get is Avant-Garden.