UN and the WHO has estimated that 70% of the worlds most usual diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, epidemic viruses and bacteriological diseases with a possibility of a deadly result, may be avoided by a correct diet and with an increased use of fruit and vegetables. Avant-Garden is built on exactly these scientifically facts something also all the feedbacks after the use of Avant-Garden confirms. The food supplement Avant-Garden is a bio-scientifically research result with inspiration from botanic, nutritional, pharmacy and plant research. It is well known that the absence from work is a major problem in Norwegian working life and the effort to try reducing this has the highest priority. Different actions like an including working life is one result in this matter.

We have strain injuries and different stress factors in addition to our climatic conditions and just the climate is something which we seldom give a wider thought – but the climate is because of our near location on the path to the North Pole.

There exists several main groups which contain the biggest absence from work percentage and they are as follows: the results from the strain injuries causing muscle pains and arthritis, respiratory infections like colds, bronchitis, influenza and pneumonia and these are all stress factors which may result in absence and weakness.

All of these are whole-year-round troubles but in addition, there are a number of underlying, latent virus diseases, which increase when people travels much abroad for holidays etc. People may in addition have allergies like pollen and sores from sunbathing which leads to absence from work and which troubles people in their spare time. We have had a great number of feedbacks regarding people’s Herpes simplex type 1 and 2 troubles but also a lot of reports describing the others absence-groups.

In all groups of these feedbacks is seems as if Avant-Garden has been such an effective assistant to people that they uses the product daily and with varying doses, keep their torments subdued. By this way, they have a considerably increased life quality, increased working capacity and a major reduction in the absence from work.

This product should as a result be a vital product for the working life because Avant-Garden effectively protects against the most common troubles, which for shorter or longer periods keeps the employees absence from work.

Absence from work costs the Norwegian community more than 30 billions Norwegian Krone (NOK) a year (equivalent to 3,8 billion Euro/2,62 billions GBP/3,8 billion USD). Due to huge this amount of money it is obvious that Avant-Garden will save a great deal of money to the employers as well as to the employees.