The food supplement Avant-Garden does not contain any substances of doping. It is made entirely of healthy vegetables commonly used in an ordinary household made in a unique formula and is entirely safe to use. If you are doing workouts to stay in physical good condition or for a particular athletics you will by the use of Avant-Garden get a vital surplus made from the most nutritional and rich vegetables which will give your body the best performances. Avant-Garden is the answer to all advices and recommendations, which points out the importance of a balanced and rich diet.

In real life, this means that you who are an athlete are able to perform better.

Medical experiments and tests documents that the amount of oxygen absorbed by the blood can be increased and even doubled. This makes the brain and the body in general able to increase its performance. An athlete will as a matter of this benefit greatly from Avant-Garden. Avant-Garden also makes the level of lactic acid in the muscles to decrease so that the body is able to absorb bigger doses of training.

Avant-Garden is free of doping

In addition to this, we have had a number of enquiries from many athletes. Because of this we have now an ordered and published an official doping analysis of Avant-Garden which clearly documents that there are no traces of any doping or central stimulating substances what so ever in the product of Avant-Garden.

This doping analysis documenting that Avant-Garden is free of all the 20 illegal substances which is included in the International Doping Control you may read under the section of “Documentation” Click here


Avant-Garden is one of the most powerful antioxidants that exist and as it says in the name of antioxidant, these prevents the oxidation processes that infections lead up to and then viruses, bacteria and fungi steals nutrition from the organism to settle down inside your organism.
The antioxidants in Avant-Garden prevent this and they stop the air pollutions from doing any harm to your organism. This is vital because the oxidation processes normally would have stolen the oxygen from the blood and caused lactic acid in your organism. The oxygen level in the blood is the minimum factor for the transfer of energy to the muscles activities to an athlete.
If there is too little oxygen in the blood during the first physical efforts, then lactic acid appears. Because of this, Avant-Garden is the best insurance against the oxidation processes, which may weaken your effort on the sports arena as well as in other situations. The production of lactic acid is destructive towards a maximum effort, when needed.

Everyone knows the effect of lactic acid, which may lead towards a halt in the physical effort with stiffness, weariness, aching and exhaustion as a result. This is also, what many experience in a working situation by a combination of air pollution, too little oxygen in the indoor-air and in addition respiratory infections.