I have been HIV-positive for 19 years now and since I started using Avant-Garden, I have not had any infections or outbreaks of any kind and no stays in hospital. In addition to protease restrictive duo medication, I now take a full dose of Avant-Garden. I started with the product in its early days and have now used it for over 4 years. I have been completely healthy and has gained weight for the whole time, started in a new job and is living an active life.


From Avant-Garden Ltd.: Here follows a medical report regarding the patient in the text just above this:

Note from Policlinic Medical section, University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital. Written 08.1003o.l haakon sjursen/majn

By a control here on the 3rd of June the amount of viruses was 21800, meaning that this level has sunken from the level of 38000 3 months earlier and this without the patient using medication. She has still not used anti-viral medication. She feels in good health and has no troubles. She uses Avant-Garden, an immune stimulating product. In addition, she had a CD4 of 554, last time it was 450. All other blood samples are normal with Hb 14,6, white 5,0, segmented core 2,6 crp <10, SR9. We will take new samples today and the patient will be informed about the result by letter. Virus amount 18700 copies. CD4 470.IgG increased 26,3 IgG1 17.2. All other blood samples normal. Meaning stable status and we can be on standby for the start of antiviral treatment. New samples within 3 months.


We in Avant-Garden has scientifically speaking, no reason to believe that Avant-Garden does such an apparently deep affect of the amount of viruses of the HIV because there will always be natural variations, also of CD4, even if one can detect a decreasing tendency. What is important, is that all other infections inflicting reduced comfort towards living and in a working situation, is totally absent so one is fully able to make an effort in the working life and to maintain the best possible life quality, which is available. This is what the above-mentioned person is able to do and because of this, she highly recommends Avant-Garden to everybody in the same situation as her, because she is in a full job and has a go-ahead spirit and a comfort, which she explains with the use of Avant-Garden.