To get a maximum effect from Avant-Garden you must take the tablets every day. This fact cannot be underlined too often. We recommend 3 tablets of Avant-Garden for breakfast taken together with 2 omega capsules, a spoon with cod liver oil, olive oil, seal oil or rapeseed oil. This is the good and healthy fat types that you need anyway. This fat addition towards Avant-Garden is vital because some of the bioactive substances in Avant-Garden is fat-soluble and have to be so in order to give you a maximum effect. An ordinary breakfast with cereals or toast does not contain enough fat of this kind.

If you should feel that an infection is imminent and you feel that 3 tablets are inadequate, then you increase to 4 tablets for breakfast and if not this is enough either, you may also take 3 tablets for dinner. Usually your body will reject an infection within a week and then you can return to your daily 4 tablets for breakfast. It is enough with 3 tablets for breakfast in the summer period but it is wise to remember that it always is possible to increase this number if you feel the need. For some people it is enough with 2 tablets for breakfast, this varies with the danger of infection in your surroundings. You cannot do anything towards this external threat but what you can do is to take some rules or precaution and increase the level of correct nutrition in your own diet by taking more tablets so you are able to resist any infections.

We have feedbacks from many people who suffer from different diseases caused by both viruses and fungus located all over the body. People have increased their daily dose from 4 to 5 tablets for breakfast and from 3 to 4 tablets for dinner for a shorter period and managed to get rid of both Herpes sores and different types of fungus. It is worth noticing that it is not a question about if Avant-Garden works or not, one just has to increase the intake until the infection disappears and this does not take more than a week. Later you can return to your normal dose.

In times of colds and when travelling there will always be an increased level of infection from the surroundings and the respiratory passages is highly exposed. Your organism decides which organs to be protected firstly. Because of this, the immune defence system is not always able to resist an increasing level of infections caused by bacteria and viruses. The solution to this is for you to increase your immune defence system by taking more tablets of Avant-Garden, but do not exaggerate as your infections will be forced to retreat within the time of 2-7 days. After this, you can return to your normal daily dose as printed at the label of Avant-Garden.